Private Residential Refurbishment Archway Road, London, UK Project 2013


The property is a ground floor flat in a mid-terrace late Victorian house located in the Highgate Conservation Area on Archway Road between Talbot Road and Church Road, in the London Borough of Haringey. Currently the flat is a small two-bedroom family home with a small to medium back garden. With the space weighted more towards the bedrooms, this proposal aims to create a more generous three-bedroom flat with a balance weighted in favour of additional living space and ancillary accommodation. The key idea of this proposal was to increase the overall floor area in order to create an additional bedroom and a larger kitchen, which would significantly increase the functionality of the property. The surrounding area is predominantly residential in character and this proposal did not seek to change this; the intention was that by extending the existing dwelling with a carefully considered extension of an appropriate scale and architectural language suited to its use, the residential character of the local area would be enhanced. The planning application for this project was granted.