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Private House Renovation  •  Earlsfield Road 


At the heart of this project was a focus on natural light. The aim was to expand an Edwardian property for a couple, creating a flexible living space that embodied a new approach to contemporary design, characterized by light and simplicity. The rear extension, which adds over twenty square meters of footprint, enhances the richness of the space and strengthens its connections to the garden and the exterior as a whole. The galley kitchen has been extended into the garden, allowing for an external BBQ in line with the work surface and a door at the end to facilitate easy access to the garden. An extruded-like glass wall and ceiling, held up by the party wall and an additional steel structure, allow light and views into the rear of the property. The design also features a kitchen island, aligned with the kinked entrance wall at the point where it meets the kitchen.

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