Private House Renovation Sangora Road, London, UK Completed 2015


This late Victorian semi-detached house is located in Clapham, Sangora Road. It rises three stories and has a west facing small garden in the back, adjacent to the ground floor kitchen and dining, which are constantly overshadowed by the vertical development of the surrounding houses.

A patio terrace has been proposed on the roof, creating a fourth floor, the loft, that looks down onto a vertical patio purposely designed to become an inverted lantern that captures the rays of the afternoon sun to flood the house interiors with golden light, creating a spacious and airy effect. For this purpose, the back bedroom on the third floor was relocated to the rear extension to open up space for the light to flow through, from the top opening of the patio down through the glazed wall. 

The proposed roof extension and loft will provide more space for this young family to be able to enjoy the afternoon sun. The loft, in response to the client’s brief, will include a family room, a double bedroom and a flexible multi-purpose space.