Private House Renovation Mayfield Road, London


A mid-terrace late Victorian house situated on the south-west side of Mayfield Road in the Crouch End area of London. An assessment of the area highlighted the character of the area and aspects of the site, including topography, sun trajectory/orientation, prevailing winds, views, access, scale and appearance, which helped in the decision-making as to what kind of design would be most suitable. The design opened up the kitchen to the garden and created a seamless transition through a rear extension that actively opened up the use of garden. The impact on the existing structure was minimal and the work brought natural light into the kitchen. The design options presented were based on surface area extensions and budget considerations to suit the client’s needs while at the same time staying with the permissible parameters in order to avoid full planning permission application. The option chosen by the client extended the rear of the property with an additional element using glass, which created a number of independent spaces that merged with the kitchen and complemented the patio and the garden. Photography Tomas Opitz