Guesthouse  •  Isla Mujeres, Mexico  •  Current 2020

Guesthouse This property will be the client’s residence, as described in their brief, they are looking to rent out 6 rooms with amenity spaces independent from their own. We aims to develop in a very small lot of land, of only 200 square meters a cloister of rooms of different sizes. In order to achieve this we have come up with a strategy where we keep the old tree towards the north of the lot by the side boundary creating a sequence of outdoor spaces that revolve around it. In the Ground level there is a potential for a cafe with outdoor seating and services. On the First and Second level, we have given the client the choice of having three typology size rooms, a small, a medium and a two bedroom flat. This will give then an array of options as to create five, six or seven, short, medium or long time rental units.