Renovation of Private Residence  •  Harrods Depository, Barns, London, UK  •  On Hold 2013


 The challenge with this project is to release the untapped potential of a highly compartmentalized layout and solve a lack of natural light in this late Victorian warehouse on the south bank of the River Thames in Barnes.  Since the space served as a furniture depository for Harrods for decades, so much more than a simple clean-up will be required in order to make this work as a residential loft for a young professional couple and their two pre-teen children. The proposed project will involve raising the ceiling to unlock the spaciousness of the loft and create an airy feel. The space will also be stripped and a beautifully integrated open-plan refurbishment carried out, including the use of mirrors on top of the cupboards to create reflections and show off the original structure of the loft at its best.