Guesthouse  •  Holbox, Mexico  •  On Hold 2018

Guesthouse This property will be the client’s holiday home where they will spend their time and will be able, as described in their brief, to rent out 8 rooms with amenity spaces independent from their own. We aim to develop two distinct sections of the lot, one with private accommodations for the client and the other with rooms to rent with their own niceties. To achieve this, I have been asked to stage it in three faces. The first to develop four rooms and its common areas, the second to complete the other four rooms, and finally the third stage to build the private Villa. One of the things that drives the project is its fully sustainable character that will allow for its creation, given that the island has a collapsing drainage system and a lack of water and energy supply. We are a self-sufficient development relying on a water treatment plant for the served waters, solar panels to generate electricity and rainwater collection for general tap water use.