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Guesthouse  •  Holbox, Mexico 

Our Guesthouse project in Holbox, Mexico, is a unique property designed to serve as a holiday home for our client and as a rental space for visitors. The brief requires us to create 8 independent rooms with amenity spaces, separate from the client's private accommodations. To achieve this, we developed two distinct sections of the lot, each with its own character and functionality, using Bespoke Design approach.

The project will be executed in three stages. The first stage involves the development of four rooms and their common areas. The second stage involves the completion of the other four rooms. The third and final stage will involve the construction of the private villa.

Our design approach incorporates sustainable construction methods at its core. The project will be completely self-sufficient, as the island has a collapsing drainage system, a lack of water and intermittent energy supply. We rely on a water treatment plant for the served waters, solar panels to generate electricity and rainwater collection for general tap water use. This fully sustainable character will allow for its creation while minimizing its impact on the environment.


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