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Restauration & Side Extension  •  Foots Cray Meadows, Sidcup, London  


The goal of this project is to preserve and restore the existing Pavilion while introducing contemporary living spaces that are hidden from general view, reflecting the original layout of the pavilion and gardens. A diagram has been included to illustrate these concepts. We plan to demolish the current extension relocating the bathroom and kitchen through a side and rear extension, partially detaching the Pavilion from the main building.


By setting the extension back against the garden wall, we aim to maintain and enhance the character of the Pavilion and its context. Our design meets the clients' budget and physical needs while adhering to statutory permissions. We underwent a pre-planning consultation to determine the maximum extension possible, and planning permission has been granted to demolish the current extension and build the entirety of the proposed new extension. We are currently in the end of construction phase and plan to finish in the summer of 2023. Photography by Timothy Soar 


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