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Pilot process begins at Providence Place Gardens

Providence Place Gardens, Brighton

With provisional materials, we are trialling the design on site for the benefit of the community

We recently won a competition focused on addressing the issue of antisocial behaviour in a local square west of the Level Park in Brighton, Providence Place Gardens. The competition brief demanded a pilot process to test the project before its permanent construction, and we proposed a solution that involved removing the fence surrounding the square to allow public access to the square from any direction. This idea aimed to increase the sense of community ownership and responsibility for the area, ultimately discouraging behaviours such as needle exchange and drunkenness.

To carry out the pilot process, we partnered with the Brighton Metropolitan College Department of Carpentry. They helped us construct the temporary structure using timber, which would not only serve as a prototype for the project but would also benefit the students' practical lab courses. The temporary structure was designed to be easily dismantled and reused, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

We believe that this project has the potential to make a significant impact on the community by improving the public's relationship with the square and encouraging positive social behaviour. We are excited about the opportunity to test the project's effectiveness through the pilot process and to work with the Brighton & Hove Council to propel these projects further.

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