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Second phase of the Battledean Project begins on site

Battledean Road, London

Mar 18, 2020

Now onto the loft conversion, lifted the tiles on the roof to begin with his exciting phase of this project

The Battledean Road project's second phase was focused on creating a master bedroom and bathroom within the existing loft space. One of the main challenges was the tight eaves, which limited the available functional space at standing height. The clients did not want to open up the eaves to the room below, so we had to find a way to make the most efficient use of what most people use the eave for the eave storage, that in my opinion is almost useless. To achieve this, we designed a walk-in cupboard that cleverly utilized the hardest-to-access points for low storage, such as shoes and other long and flat items.

In the bathroom, we used two-way mirrors in the shower to provide privacy while allowing natural light to filter through. This was a clever solution that created an illusion of more space and added depth to the bathroom, not to mention the added value of having a floor to ceiling mirror. The master bedroom was carefully designed to maximize the available space, with a focus on creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with a generous dormer.

However, the standout feature of this project was the Juliette balcony. The balcony was strategically placed to frame the views towards the west, creating a sense of openness. This fenestration not only added an element of elegance to the room, but it also allowed for an abundance of natural light and fresh air to flow in. The result was a beautiful and functional master suite that offered privacy, luxury, and a connection to the outdoors.

Overall, this project demonstrates how innovative design solutions can be used to create functional and beautiful spaces, even when working within tight restrictions. The use of two-way mirrors, clever storage solutions, and a Juliette balcony all contributed to the success of this project, creating a space that was both practical and stylish.

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